rs.According to his fa

image 1

d corneas were transplanted to five Chi▓nese patients."It was not what we wanted, it was about him and what he wanted and he said if I have the opportunity and I'm ever in this situation, then let them take w▓hat they can," Hancock explained.It was the fir

st time ever ▓a foreigner had become an organ donor in the city o▓f Chongqing, where an image of medical staff bowing to Phillip in a hospital's operating r▓oom has become a stirring symbol of China's eter▓nal gratitude.As days have passed since the oper▓ations, Chongqing's Red Cross Soci

image 9

ety revealed in June that all transplants were successful.Both kidney recipients have made a strong recovery and are now able to walk by themselves, while the liver recipient has been moved from an intensive care▓ unit to a general ward.The other two patients who received cornea transplants have now fully regained their eyesight and been discharg▓ed from hospital."It is g

ood to know that in five other people, that he is living on," Hancock said.Phillip's story struck a chord with many Chinese netizens."He

ther Peter H

was a great and selfless person, there're no national boundaries when it comes to kindness,▓" a netizen said on Weibo, one of China's domi▓nant social media platforms.Another user commented on the he▓roic act. "It's generous for him to extend his life like this. He's praised not just because he saved Chinese patients, the act itself is worth pr

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aisi▓ng."While Phillip's story has captured the hearts of people in China and furthered the national conversation on organ donation aware

his parents

by his side du

project 1

ness, in Australia the medical community have also praised h▓is generous act and called on more people

ring his fin

project 2

down under▓ to follow his brave example."My heart goes out to Phillip's family, what a generous act and

al moments, Phil

project 2

what a g▓enerous human being," National Medical Director of the Australian Organ and Tissue Authority

D▓r Helen Opdam said."I think Australians are gene▓rous people, I think we would all like the opportunity▓ for ourselves or our family to r

lip bravely

image 8

eceive a transplant if we needed one.""If we do want that then we need to be prepared to be donors as well," she added.Please scan▓ the QR Code to follow us on InstagramPlease scan the QR Cod▓e to follow us on WechatFootball fans' expectations for the 2018 FIFA World CupFootball fans' exp▓ectations for the 2018 FIFA World CupFootball fans' expectations for the 2018 FIFA World Cup06-14-2018 09:17 BJTThe 2018 FIFA World Cup kicks off Thursday. Despite the fact that China&rsqu▓o;s team is not part of the game, football fans here will n

image 9

▓o doubt be watching. So what are they hoping for, and what will fans need to enjoy the gam▓es?Most of the fans would like to hang out with th▓eir friends and watch the games with a beer in ▓their local bars. Like resident Da Jiale s▓aid, he usually goes to a BBQ bar or a football themed bar with his buddies, and they can watch the games while havin▓g a

drink. But some female fans like Li Qinxue prefer to go to the public to watch the games, not only ▓because they don’t understa

told them his

a heavy heart Phi

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llip's par ents agreed to their s
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nd the game rules very much, but also she can choose a team with the people who watch games in the bars and enjoy the atmosphere better.&n

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